Double your JUUL® battery life.

Say hello to the Moda charging caseTM

Buy Now | $39
Buy Now | $39

Ever had a #JuulFail?

Slide In

Slide your Juul® into the Moda charging case.


Charge your Juul® + the case at the same time with micro-USB.


Take it anywhere and enjoy double the battery life.

Juul charger case woman

Use the convenient keychain holes to attach your Juul® to a keychain or necklace.

Battery Indicator Lights

Know exactly how much charge is left in your Moda®.

Silky-Smooth Finish

Push to smoke. No need to remove your Juul® from the case.

Seamless Charging

Charge your Juul® and the Moda charger simultaneously.

Vape while you charge.

Use our patent-pending button to use your Juul® without taking it out of the case.

Buy Now | $39
Buy Now | $39

2 colors to choose from

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Why do I need to press a button to smoke?

The Juul® automatically disables smoking when it's being charged. Our patent-pending button instantly disables charging while being pressed you can smoke without removing the Juul® from the Moda.

How much battery does the Moda provide?

At 240mAH, the Moda allows the Juul® to last twice as long, enough to go through two pods.

How does the battery indicator work?

The battery indicator on the side of the Moda provides a 3-bar indicator of the battery level of your Moda charger combined with the charge of your Juul®.

How do I charge the Moda?

Easy! Just keep your Juul® in the Moda charger and drop it into the same USB charger that the Juul® uses. This will charge the Moda and the Juul® at the same time. The battery indicator will let you know when charging is complete.

How many charge cycles will I get from the Moda?

You can recharge your Juul® for over 500 full cycles. A full cycle is when you recharge the Moda from 0% to 100%. Partial cycles, like charging from 25% to 100%, will not count as a full cycle until all of the partials equal 100%.

Which vaporizers is Moda compatible with?

The Moda is only compatible with the Juul® at this time.

Ready for endless Juuling?

Buy Now | $39

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Excellent product

It's amazing how long I can use my Juul along the day, awesome product.


You don't know you need one, until you have it.

Really Usefull

It doubles the life of my Juul, doesn't heat the vaper as I first thought.

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