Double your JUUL® battery life.

Say hello to the Moda charging caseTM

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Buy Now | $37

Ever had a #JuulFail?

Slide In

Slide your Juul® into the Moda charging case.


Charge your Juul® + the case at the same time with micro-USB.


Take it anywhere and enjoy double the battery life.

Juul charger case woman

Use the convenient keychain holes to attach your Juul® to a keddychain or necklace.

Battery Indicator Lights

Know exactly how much charge is left in your Juul®.

Silky-Smooth Finish

Push to smoke. No need to remove your Juul® from the case.

Seamless Charging

Charge your Juul® and the Moda charger simultaneously.

Vape while you charge.

Use our patent-pending button to use your Juul® without taking it out of the case.

Buy Now | $37
Buy Now | $37

2 colors to choose from

Juul charger case man


Why do I need to press a button to smoke?

The Juul® automatically disables smoking when it's being charged. Our patent-pending button instantly disables charging while being pressed you can smoke without removing the Juul® from the Moda.

How much battery does the Moda provide?

At 240mAH, the Moda allows the Juul® to last twice as long, enough to go through two pods.

How does the battery indicator work?

The battery indicator on the side of the Moda provides a 3-bar indicator of the battery level of your Moda charger combined with the charge of your Juul®.

How do I charge the Moda?

Easy! Just keep your Juul® in the Moda charger and drop it into the same USB charger that the Juul® uses. This will charge the Moda and the Juul® at the same time. The battery indicator will let you know when charging is complete.

How many charge cycles will I get from the Moda?

You can recharge your Juul® for over 500 full cycles. A full cycle is when you recharge the Moda from 0% to 100%. Partial cycles, like charging from 25% to 100%, will not count as a full cycle until all of the partials equal 100%.

Which vaporizers is Moda compatible with?

The Moda is only compatible with the Juul® at this time.

Ready for endless Juuling?

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